Gas Furnace Repair in Traverse City, MI 49668

“This was the 2nd time (ever) I have had Team Bob’s out to my house for a furnace issue. Matt was great! I had a smell that I couldn’t identify coming from my air ducts…it actually woke me up…no smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm going off but just a foul combination of maybe burning metal and plastic. Matt took his time and looked in the vents, pulled parts off the furnace, checked the main board and wiring, and a lot of other things. He definitely opened the furnace up and inspected it. He ran multiple heat cycles and, of course, the smell was never replicated. Doesn’t make either of us feel great but I am totally satisfied with the service and he said that if it comes back let them know. Welcome to responsible homeownership. Haha”

– Ryan Y.