Air Conditioner Maintenance in Traverse City, MI 49696

“This is the second time that Nikita Coon has visited my home for service and I would give him the highest compliments on his knowledge, ability and customer service. When I would ask any question, he would provide a response making sure to answer my question thoroughly. He is an asset to your field service team and is cordial and effective at selling service products, advising me to sign up now for a furnace maintenance visit in the fall.
The only issue for the rating of 4 stars was that I was looking forward to AC Maintenance AND pulling a new thermostat wire in order to be able to have a common wire AND use the blower motor on continuous (which was disabled to use that blower wire as the C-wire for a new thermostat also installed professionally by Nikita. Nikita was not prepared for this (tools and experience) even though it was discussed with the office when scheduling the visit. He did explain to me that it is a more comprehensive task, most likely NOT recommended for a Friday late afternoon service call in case of trouble.”

– Chris K.