Air Conditioner Maintenance in Traverse City, MI 49601

“Jo was great – HOWEVER – our children had complained about it being warm on the rooms on the south side of the house. We just contributed it to the windows or having their doors closed. Our air conditioning has one big return duct for each unit so having the doors adjar helps. I found one of cooling ducks had come unraveled when doing maintenance under the house – fixed that – and the kids still said it was warm. When Jp was here he notice the unit shut itself off when it should not have. He worked on it for a long time and exhausted all options. He called ur office and said they will have to schedule another appt with another technician to hopefully solve this problem. We have almost $14k invested in this system already only to guess it has been this way since installation. I hope we can schedule a return visit quickly since the house will be full of guess here for the Fourth of July.”

– Ken K.