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Opting for Tankless Water Heating Lowers Energy Costs

Opting for Tankless Water Heating Lowers Energy CostsWhen choosing a water heater, it’s important to factor in the long-term savings an efficient system can provide. Tankless water heating is a convenient choice that can offer substantial energy savings in some situations. Other long-term savings may be realized since these units are usually easier to fix and have longer lifespans.

Energy savings

Tankless water heaters can offer substantial energy savings for homes that use hot water infrequently. Unlike storage water heaters that always keep a supply of water hot, tankless water heaters only heat water as it’s being used. They also save energy; instead of always operating at full power, they only provide as much heat as is required to heat the flow of water currently being used. If you currently use a small or moderately sized storage water heater fueled by natural gas, you may not gain any energy savings from going with a tankless water heating system, but in most other situations, you will depending on the setup.

Single or multiple

Because tankless water heaters take up much less space, they can be installed almost anywhere. This is advantageous because the closer they’re installed to fixtures, the faster the hot water will reach them. In fact, the most efficient option is to size the tankless water heating unit explicitly for its expected usage only. This also guarantees an uninterrupted flow to the fixture(s) it services. This typically has to be accomplished with electric water heaters due to the complexities of installing gas fueled heaters.

Installing a tankless water heater to serve the whole house is another option that makes installation easy. In this case, gas-fueled tankless water heaters are most commonly used because they have greater maximum flow rates. It’s also possible to use a few water heaters located in different areas to supply the hot water for a few different fixtures in those areas.

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