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Tankless Water Heaters Take Efficiency To A Whole New Level — Calculate How Many You’ll Need

Are you looking for ways to cut your energy usage and lower your utility bills? It sounds counter-intuitive but, because of how tankless water heaters work, you may want to replace your single water heater with two or more tankless units. 

How They Work

Tankless water heaters eliminate standby heat loss — the energy that escapes from the tank while hot water sits inside — because they heat water on demand. When a hot water faucet is opened in the house, water flows through the tankless heating system and immediately out at the desired temperature.

  • Flow rate: A single tankless heater can usually deliver about three and a half gallons of heated water per minute.
  • Proximity: The hot water faucets closest to the tankless heater will receive their water first and cut down on the flow rate for appliances and faucets in the rest of the house.

How Many Do You Need

The number of tankless water heaters you need can vary depending on the size of the house, the number of people living in it and the efficiency of the appliances and amenities.

  • What fuel type will you use? Gas tankless water heaters can provide a higher flow rate but can be more expensive to operate than electric.
  • How old are your appliances? Older washers and faucets do not use hot water as efficiently and, therefore, you will need a higher flow rate.
  • What is your peak demand? If you have a washer running at the same time that someone else is showering, that will stretch a single unit to its limits. It is convenient and efficient to have a separate unit for each of these hot water-intensive areas of the house.
  • Do you have a remote bathroom or washroom? If so, you should look into a dedicated unit for these areas so that hot water is not used up by the rest of the house before it gets to them.

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