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Find Out Where Your Tankless Water Heater Should Go

Find Out Where Your Tankless Water Heater Should GoTankless water heaters save energy and offer the convenience of a continuous supply of hot water. You can get greater cost savings and satisfaction from your tankless water heater if you choose its location carefully. Consider the following as you and your plumbing contractor plan your installation

Safety First

  • Be sure to follow all applicable building and fire safety codes when planning your installation.
  • When it is running, a gas-burning tankless heater uses fuel at a rate three to four times faster than a conventional heater, so you may need to upgrade your gas supply line as well as the venting system to handle the increased flow rate of fuel and of combustion gases. Your heater’s location may be dictated by the best place to safely add fuel and venting capacity.
  • Locate your heater in a space that is not accessible to small children, so that they cannot tamper with the control settings on the unit or gain access to potentially hot piping.
  • Place your heater and hot piping at least two feet away from any combustible materials.
  • Never place your heater above electrical equipment.

Consider distance to points of use

The ideal location for a tankless heater is the shortest distance from the sink or shower where the hot water will be used. It would not make economic sense to install separate heaters for every point of use in your home, so choose a location close to where you use hot water the most frequently. This may be near the master bathroom or between the master bath and the bathrooms serving your other bedrooms.

Keep Convenience in Mind

  • Place your tankless water heater where it is easy to reach the controls to adjust the temperature settings.
  • Choose a space for the heater that allows easy access for maintenance and repairs.
  • The best place for your tankless heater may be where your conventional water heater was, since the fuel supply and water lines are already in place.

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