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Zoning Systems Can Help Save Energy and Money in Your Home

Zoning Systems Can Help Save Energy and Money in Your Home

If a single thermostat is regulating the temperature in your home, you’re probably wasting energy, especially if your home is large or has more than one level. A thermostat installed on a wall in the living room or a nearby hallway will have no problem controlling the temperature in that area. Yet, that amount of heating or cooling likely will be too little or too much for other parts of the house. That’s why many homes are switching to a zoning system, which allows independent temperature control in different parts of the house.

Air Conditioning Options for an Attic Remodel

Air Conditioning Options for an Attic Remodel

When you’re turning your attic into a livable space, it’s best to decide early in the project what you need to do regarding climate control since attics have unique needs. Cooling the attic is a big concern since the space can gain heat from the roof, as well as heat rising from rooms below. Following are available options for air conditioning for an attic remodel.

Not All Rooms are Equal — Benefits of an HVAC Zoning System

When heating or cooling a home with a traditional single-zone HVAC system, it’s often difficult to maintain a consistent temperature from room to room. Some areas may be too warm, while others are too cold. A zoning system can virtually eliminate these temperature variations and boost comfort year-round.

Guidelines to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a simple and affordable device that offers homeowners substantial energy savings and customized temperature settings at the touch of a few buttons. Use the following guidelines to select the right thermostat(s) for your needs.

Your Home Might Be A Prime Candidate For A Zoning System

If you and your family routinely experience comfort issues at home, the culprit may be an inefficient heating system. In truth, your home’s heating load probably differs from room to room, making your home a prime candidate for a zoning system.

With Effective Zoning System Design, You’ll Net Valuable Benefits

If you’re contemplating installing a zoned HVAC system in your Grand Traverse County home, effective zoning system design will be the key to maximum savings. A properly designed zoning system keeps your home comfortable while minimizing the amount of energy needed to maintain the temperature you prefer. By considering the following factors, you can plan an effective zoning system design.

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