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These Areas of Your House Need the Most Ventilation

These Areas of Your House Need the Most Ventilation

Good ventilation is very important in any home, helping to ensure that indoor air remains healthy and comfortable for your home’s occupants by working to prevent the buildup of pollutants, odors and humidity inside the home. While good airflow is important throughout your home, there are specific areas that need the most ventilation.

How Do You Clean Your Heat Vents?

How Do You Clean Your Heat Vents?

They’re easy to overlook, but your heat vents play an important role in your heating system’s ability to get you through the Grand Traverse County area’s chilly winters comfortably and economically. Keeping those vents clean helps ensure they can do their job.

Tips for Attic and Basement Improvements

Tips for Attic and Basement Improvements | Team Bob's

Although we usually enjoy mild summers, the rest of the year in Grand Traverse County brings weather that takes a little preparation. With just a few improvements to your attic and basement, you can keep your home more comfortable all year.

The Importance of Bathroom Ventilation

The Importance of Bathroom Ventilation | Team Bob's

Bathrooms can feel like muggy tropical rain forests after you shower, and this can be a bigger issue than many people think. That humid air can affect your home’s comfort and air quality. Here are several reasons why bathroom ventilation should be approached as a necessity instead of just a luxury.

Bathroom Ventilation Tips for Your Home

A long, hot shower or bath should be a source of relaxation – not stress. Unfortunately, homes that aren’t equipped with proper bathroom ventilation systems can create serious issues that lead to expensive repairs and even reduced indoor air quality. The good news is that it’s easy to correct problems like these when you know how to select and install a bathroom exhaust fan. This post will provide some useful tips for doing so.

Heating and Cooling Basics: The Definition of HVAC

Heating and Cooling Basics: The Defnition of HVAC

If someone asks you the definition of HVAC, you”ll probably say it has to do with home heating and cooling. That’s correct, but the term HVAC actually stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These components each have a vital role to play in maintaining a healthy, comfortable home. Let’s take a closer look at each of the components that make up an HVAC system.

Keep Cooling Costs Low With These Helpful Tips

Keep Cooling Costs Low With These Helpful Tips

Instead of managing your summertime cooling costs by turning the thermostat up, these methods can help you stay comfortably cool and drive down energy consumption at the same time. You can help your cooling system work more efficiently and make small improvements to your home to measurably lower your energy consumption. 

Home Ventilation: 3 Different Ways to Keep Cool

Home Ventilation: 3 Different Ways to Keep Cool

As a Michigan resident, you enjoy relatively cool, mild summers. Still, June, July and August present warm enough days that you want to run the air conditioner. But before you power up the A/C, consider three ways you can use home ventilation to keep your Grand Traverse County home comfortable at a fraction of the cost.

Time for a New Ventilation System? Pointers on Shopping for the Right One

A carefully designed ventilation system is invaluable for keeping your indoor air quality high and your humidity levels under control. If you’re getting ready to install a new system, take a little time to learn about what goes into effective whole-house ventilation.

These Indoor Pollutants Can Ruin Your IAQ: Air Cleaners to the Rescue

The U.S. EPA reports that the air inside homes across the country can have some of the highest levels of indoor pollutants encountered on a daily basis. Fortunately, it’s possible to use mechanical filtration, ventilation and ultraviolet (UV) technology to minimize the harmful impact of polluted air indoors.

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