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Learn Important HVAC Cooling Season Terms

Learn Important HVAC Cooling Season Terms | Team Bob's

Being able to identify the key components of your air conditioner using the same HVAC terms professionals do can save time when scheduling service and discussing A/C performance. These definitions help you form a foundation that also helps you understand how your system works.

Refrigerant 101: Understanding the Basics

Refrigerant 101: Understanding the Basics

Refrigerant plays an important role in your home air conditioner, but many homeowners don’t understand what it does or how it’s used. This basic guide will teach you how your HVAC system uses refrigerant, how your refrigerant line is maintained, and what happens when it springs a leak.

Don’t Lose Your Cool: Troubleshoot Frozen Evaporator Coils With These Tips

Don't Lose Your Cool: Troubleshoot Frozen Evaporator Coils With These Tips

While any problem with your cooling system needs prompt attention, frozen evaporator coils deserve top priority since all cooling stops when the coils freeze. Serious and costly mechanical problems may result, the worst of which is a burned out compressor. The evaporator coils sit in the indoor blower compartment and carry the chilled refrigerant that cools your home by absorbing heat from the air.

What’s the Main Difference Between Evaporator & Condenser Coils?

In the muggy Michigan summers, a problem with your air conditioner’s evaporator or condenser coils could leave you very uncomfortable. Knowing how each of your coils work, however, can help you troubleshoot the problem for DIY or professional service.

Increase Heat Pump Efficiency with Simple Maintenance Tips

With spring weather approaching, it’s time to complete your home’s annual HVAC maintenance plan. Heat pumps are no exception. They must be properly maintained to reach maximum heat pump efficiency. Well-maintained heat pumps are 10 to 25 percent more efficient than those that aren’t regularly maintained.

Heat Pump’s Not Delivering Cool Air: Learn How to Troubleshoot

Heat pumps are efficient comfort systems that offer the convenience of home cooling and heating in one system. If your heat pump’s not delivering cool air for you this summer, try getting your system cooling again with this checklist, and you may save yourself time and a service call.

An Ounce of Prevention: Common Air Conditioner Problems

One of the most important tasks you can do this spring is to schedule your annual preventive maintenance call for your air conditioner. The most common air conditioner problems are highly preventable with a little A/C TLC, and as an added bonus, your system will operate more efficiently to save you money on cooling costs.

12 HVAC Terms All Michigan Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

When you’re dealing with your HVAC unit, the technical jargon involved can be overwhelming. Familiarizing yourself with commonly used HVAC terms will help you better understand your system and more efficiently communicate with a specialist regarding any issues that may arise.

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