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Furnace on the Fritz? Find Out How You Can Troubleshoot Common Problems

Furnace on the Fritz? Find Out How You Can Troubleshoot Common Problems

Forced-air furnaces are workhorse heating systems that can provide years of reliable service when they’re well maintained. However, all furnaces are bound to go on the fritz sooner or later. Many problems may be resolved without calling your HVAC technician. Try the following furnace troubleshooting tips out to see if you can get your heat back on.

Save Energy: Tips for Your Programmable Thermostat

Save Energy: Tips for Your Programmable Thermostat

Cold weather has officially moved in, and if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to program your thermostat for winter energy savings. A programmable thermostat, if used properly and consistently, can bring significant savings on annual energy bills. But how does one go about using a programmable thermostat properly and consistently?

How to Use Your Programmable Thermostat Properly

How to Use Your Programmable Thermostat Properly

If you have a programmable thermostat and you’re not using it to its full potential, you may be leaving energy savings on the table. Programmable thermostats offer a convenient way to save energy and enjoy your preferred temperatures with automatic temperature changeover. Consider these tips for using your thermostat wisely.

Keep Cooling Costs Low With These Helpful Tips

Keep Cooling Costs Low With These Helpful Tips

Instead of managing your summertime cooling costs by turning the thermostat up, these methods can help you stay comfortably cool and drive down energy consumption at the same time. You can help your cooling system work more efficiently and make small improvements to your home to measurably lower your energy consumption. 

Green Tip: Make Your Furnace Burn Less Oil

It’s definitely possible to reduce the amount of fuel your oil furnace burns over the long heating season without sacrificing comfort and efficiency. A home that resists heat transfer and contains well-maintained equipment can reduce the length of your system’s operation time. 

Make Your Furnace Burn Less Oil with These Simple Tips

Oil furnaces, if properly tuned and maintained, are fuel efficient and clean heating options for your Michigan home. Taking simple actions can make your furnace even more efficient, keeping your fuel use down and your energy bills as low as possible.

Easy Ways to Make Your Gas Furnace More Efficient This Winter

Older furnaces are costly, inefficient and may need frequent repairs. If this is the case with your furnace, you should replace it with a newer and more efficient model. Along with being more reliable, newer furnaces can be as much as 90 percent more efficient.

How Will a Heat Pump Perform in Northern Michigan’s Winter?

A heat pump in a northern Michigan home is a great way to cut your energy bills during certain points of the year. Since heat pumps generally do not work as well once the temperature dips below 30 degrees, you may not be able to get much use out of yours during winter nights. However, heat pumps are one of the best ways of heating your home efficiently during some winter days, as well as in the late fall, and early spring.

Exchange That Manual Thermostat for a Programmable Model: Here’s Why

If you often find yourself checking your manual thermostat to adjust the indoor temperature and create a comfortable home environment, switching to a programmable model might be perfect for your needs. Apart from boosting your comfort by offering total temperature control and numerous handy features, a programmable thermostat also helps you save on heating expenses during winter. Here are the top reasons why you should exchange that manual thermostat for a programmable one:

Your Electricity Use Habits Can Cost You Unnecessarily

It seems like everyone is trying to be more green these days by conserving energy, recycling, and avoiding disposables. Many homeowners may not realize that, in addition to being good for the environment, going green can also save a lot of money. All it takes is some knowledge about how your electricity use and heating and cooling habits affect your bills. Here are a few tips for decreasing your electricity use to save energy and lower utility bills in your Traverse City home:

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