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If a Furnace Replacement Is Coming Your Way, Consider These 3 Things First

Replacing your furnace is an important decision for any homeowner. Your current furnace may be too old, inefficient, or may be breaking down often. Consider these three aspects of a furnace when replacing it.

The Oversized Air Conditioner: Why Bigger Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

Does your air conditioner provide the comfort and even climate you want in your home? Homeowners may be unaware if the air conditioner in their home is improperly sized. If you do have an oversized air conditioner then you may be paying too much in energy costs and getting too little in home comfort.

Your New Heat Pump: Is Your Traverse City Home Ready for It?

When you’re getting a new heat pump, readying your home beforehand will increase your satisfaction. Making your home as energy efficient as possible will increase your comfort and keep your energy bills low. Ensuring that the system is properly sized and installed also contributes to its efficiency, your comfort and its longevity. 

Sizing a Heat Pump Ensures Your Home’s Square Footage Is Covered

The process of sizing a heat pump for a new installation requires more than a glance at the existing HVAC system and finding the square footage of your home. While the size of your home does impact the size of the system you choose, the calculation also involves the energy efficiency of your home and factors about your home that impact your cooling and heating load.

Load Calculations: Important for Selecting the Right HVAC Upgrade for Your Home’s Needs

The most important step in selecting the right HVAC system for your home is sizing it correctly. HVAC contractors use Manuals J and D to do the load calculations, which take into account the energy efficiency of your home, along with other contributing factors. System sizing is critical for your comfort and the durability of the equipment you choose.

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