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Recover From Summer Utility Bills With Back-to-School Energy Savings

With summer finally coming to a close, you’ve survived another season of high energy bills thanks to your kids being home and forgetting to turn off lights or playing their video games incessantly. Now it’s time to turn your attention to back-to-school energy savings so that you can finally get back on track. Here are some tips to help lower your bills this fall:

Take Charge and Protect Your Home From CO Dangers

Sealing your home tightly does wonders for your utility bills and help to protect the environment but it does have one potential downside, the potential build up of carbon monoxide. An odorless and colorless gas, CO can build up in your home to hazardous levels without you being aware of it. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to protect your family from CO dangers by understanding the primary sources.

Your Electricity Use Habits Can Cost You Unnecessarily

It seems like everyone is trying to be more green these days by conserving energy, recycling, and avoiding disposables. Many homeowners may not realize that, in addition to being good for the environment, going green can also save a lot of money. All it takes is some knowledge about how your electricity use and heating and cooling habits affect your bills. Here are a few tips for decreasing your electricity use to save energy and lower utility bills in your Traverse City home:

Insulation Basics: What R-Values Mean to You

The R-values of the insulation in your home make a big impact on your conditioning bills and interior comfort. These values indicate how long the insulation resists heat transfer, and each numeric digit behind the “R” indicates an hour’s worth of thermal protection. The R stands for resistance and the type of heat that insulation blocks is the kind that travels through solid objects, like your roof, floor and walls.

Wifi Thermostats: The Latest in Programmable Technology

Programmable WiFi thermostats have many features that can make your life easier and also save you a lot of money. They are similar to conventional thermostats in that they control the heating and cooling of your house. But what’s unique about WiFi thermostats is that they connect to your home network, enabling you to control them via your smartphone, computer, or a remote control.

How Humidifiers Help Keep Your Bills Under Control, and Your Comfort Level High in Wintertime

There are many reasons to consider purchasing a humidifier for your Michigan home.Not only will it keep you and your family healthier during the cold winter months, it can also protect your possessions from dangerous static electricity. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new humidifier,or if you’ve been researching humidifiers on the internet, here are five good reasons why you need to take the plunge into ownership.

Insulating Your Home: How a Single R-Value Can Vary

When you’re adding insulation to your home, the insulating R-value tells your the product’s efficiency. It’s the industry standard for how insulation is measured, and the Federal Trade Commission penalizes any inaccurate or misleading R-value claims. But does this standardization mean that insulation with the same R-value performs identically in all homes? You might be surprised.

A 5-Step Approach to Lower Water Bills

As the weather heats up throughout the summer, our water consumption increases. For many homeowners, the costs can be downright staggering, but the good news is that there are easy ways to lower water bills in your home.

Your Water Heater: A Few of Maintenance Matters

Although water heaters may do a diligent job of providing adequate hot water for eight to ten years with minimal water heater maintenance, this often “out of sight, out of mind” condition may not be serving you well in the long run. This appliance, second only to your heating/cooling system in annual home energy consumption, can be made to run more economically and efficiently by performing a few preventative maintenance steps. It’s not uncommon for a unit receiving regular water heater maintenance to enjoy a life span of 20 years.

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