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Guidelines to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a simple and affordable device that offers homeowners substantial energy savings and customized temperature settings at the touch of a few buttons. Use the following guidelines to select the right thermostat(s) for your needs.

Ready to Replace Your Furnace and Install Renewable Energy?

If you’re looking to replace your furnace, now would be a great time to switch to a geothermal heat pump (GHP). Since they utilize a natural source of energy, GHPs are well over 100 percent efficient. In fact, they can reach efficiencies as high as 600 percent. Since heating and cooling usually compromise the majority of a household’s energy use, this can lead to much lower energy bills. It also makes it easier to make your home self-sufficient energy-wise via onsite electricity generation from renewable sources.

Ductless Mini Splits Offer 6 Impressive Advantages to Michigan Homeowners

Are you considering a ductless mini split air conditioning/heating system? Some homeowners here in the Grand Traverse County area are finding that they don’t need a duct system to keep their homes, home additions and retrofits comfortable. Rather than being a compromise, ductless mini splits provide many distinct advantages over a standard ducted central air conditioner/heating system.

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