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Humidifier: How it Can Help During Heating Season

Humidifier: How it Can Help During Heating Season

Once winter weather arrives, outdoor humidity levels drop because cold air doesn’t hold moisture like warm air does. Running the furnace pulls more moisture out of your air supply and can make the indoor humidity fall to desert-like levels. Investing in a humidifier is the best way to replace depleted moisture and raise the humidity level back to an optimal 45–55 percent range.

Do You Know What the “Feels Like” Temperature is?

Do You Know What the "Feels Like" Temperature is?

Your thermostat tells you what the air temperature is, but what your body feels could be something quite different. The “feels like” temperature, also known as the apparent temperature, is influenced by humidity and airflow. Your home’s comfort depends on these factors in addition to air temperature.

Find Out How to Spot an Indoor Humidity Problem

Find Out How to Spot an Indoor Humidity Problem

An indoor humidity problem manifests some pretty obvious signs. The home smells dank and musty, while a clammy, uncomfortable feeling pervades the air. Condensation drips down windows, and puddles may be obvious in cabinets, on floors or around the HVAC system. Water stains appear on the walls and the ceiling.

Is It Time to Replace the Air Conditioner?

If your annual A/C maintenance has you thinking about a replacement or an upgrade, you’re not the only one. With air conditioners aging year by year and new, more efficient technology continually coming onto the market, upgrading to a new model can make a lot of sense. But when does it become really necessary to replace the air conditioner? Here are some signs to watch out for.

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