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Heating and Cooling Basics: The Definition of HVAC

Heating and Cooling Basics: The Defnition of HVACIf someone asks you the definition of HVAC, you”ll probably say it has to do with home heating and cooling. That’s correct, but the term HVAC actually stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These components each have a vital role to play in maintaining a healthy, comfortable home. Let’s take a closer look at each of the components that make up an HVAC system.

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3 Ways to Keep Your HVAC Unit Free Home Remodeling Debris

Free Remodeling your Michigan home? Don’t forget to protect your HVAC system. A home remodeling project can generate a great deal of dust and debris, which can spell trouble for air conditioners and other home comfort-related appliances. A build-up of remodeling debris inside the system can cause all manner of problems, from reducing your air conditioner’s efficiency to damaging fan motors and other moving parts. These three tips will help ensure that your home’s new look doesn’t cost you a new A/C unit.

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Warranty vs. Maintenance Plan: Which Is Preferable?

Warranty vs. Maintenance Plan: Which Is Preferable?Protecting your home’s HVAC system is a smart decision, but which should you choose? A warranty that covers everything in the house, or an HVAC-specific service plan? When you’re weighing warranty vs. maintenance plan, consider the benefits that an HVAC maintenance agreement offers:

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That Heat Lurking in Your Attic: It’s Trying to Seep Into Your Living Space

That Heat Lurking in Your Attic: It's Trying to Seep Into Your Living SpaceThe temperature in a poorly insulated and vented attic space can get as high as 150 degrees on a sunny day. If you use your attic for storage, anything you put up there could suffer serious damage. If there is excessive heat in the attic, especially combined with a moisture problem, can contribute to mold growth. If you keep photographs or clothes in these conditions they can be damaged beyond repair.

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Reduce Heating Load Factors Before An HVAC Retrofit Or Replacement

Reduce Heating Load Factors Before An HVAC Retrofit Or ReplacementIf you’re replacing your furnace or upgrading it through some sort of retrofit, you can ease the burden of cost by making sure your heating load is minimized. This refers to the amount of energy that your home requires to stay warm. When your load is lower, you can purchase a smaller furnace, which will be less expensive.

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