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Top HVAC Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Home

A home’s location, lot size and design may outweigh the HVAC system’s importance when buying a house. However, it’s worth the time to learn about its heating and cooling system, since it’s the largest energy user in the home and affects your comfort and monthly budget.

Your Furnace: Vent Replacement Options

Gas furnaces are an efficient and reliable method of home heating and a popular choice with Michigan homeowners. Just like other types of fuel-burning equipment, a furnace produces potentially-dangerous combustion fumes that need to be vented for safety.

Avoiding Mineral Buildup in Your Humidifier

Humidifiers are essential for adding well-needed moisture into a dry indoor environment. You can use your humidifier to combat the many problems caused by low humidity, including dry skin, respiratory issues and even static electricity. However, your humidifier will only work as long as it’s properly maintained.

Your House’s Electrical System: Everything to Know

Your House's Electrical System: Everything to Know

Many of the comforts and conveniences you enjoy at home are powered by a mostly unseen and somewhat mysterious electrical system. Since you use it on a daily basis, it’s good to know more about this complex system and how it functions.

Make Sure Your Home is Prepared While You’re on Spring Vacation

Make Sure Your Home is Prepared While You're on Spring Vacation

With all the planning that it takes for a spring vacation, one thing that many people forget is also one of the most important — the home they’re leaving behind. So, if you’re getting ready for a trip, don’t take off until you have these bases covered:

Tips for When You’re Buying an Air Conditioner

Tips for When You're Buying an Air Conditioner

If you plan to buy a new air conditioner for your home this spring, don’t go unprepared. A variety of pitfalls can leave you with a central A/C that wastes energy, doesn’t properly cool your home, and requires frequent repairs.

Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

If your old water heater is causing problems, you may be thinking about replacing it with a tankless water heater. That’s a very wise decision for many homeowners. However, as efficient and convenient as tankless systems are, they are not necessarily the right water heater solution for everyone.

Should Get a Plumbing Upgrade? How to Decide

Should Get a Plumbing Upgrade? How to Decide

If you’re like most homeowners, you may not pay a lot of attention to the plumbing system in your home until age-related issues start to develop. You can avoid the headaches of dealing with serious leaks that cause costly water damage and require extensive repairs if you learn how to spot the subtle warning signs that a plumbing upgrade is needed.

Insulation: The Best Types

Insulation: The Best Types

How to keep your home warm and comfortable in an efficient manner may cross your mind quite often during the winter in the Traverse City area. Sure, you can keep cranking up the thermostat temperature whenever you’re too cool, but you probably don’t want sky-high heating bills. By far, the more cost-efficient way to keep your home comfortable is using the right insulation types in the right places.

Find a Reputable HVAC Contractor For Your Home

Find a Reputable HVAC Contractor For Your Home

There’s no place like your own home. You expect it to be cozy and comfortable to your lifestyle. So, when it’s time to service, repair or replace an essential home system, such as your HVAC unit, you want the peace of mind and confidence that you’re hiring the right HVAC contractor. However, with so many to choose from, how do you know you’re inviting the right company to your home?

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