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Decoding HVAC Air Filter Ratings

Decoding HVAC Air Filter Ratings | Team Bob's

Many homeowners are surprised that the HVAC air filter is a critical component of their cooling and heating system. A high-quality and clean filter promotes energy efficiency and system durability. Just like other characteristics of HVAC systems, manufacturers go by a rating system to make selection easier.

Don’t Forget About Your HVAC System in Your Spring Cleaning Tasks

Don't Forget About Your HVAC System in Your Spring Cleaning Tasks

Spring is traditionally the time when we get our houses in order. This thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning ritual presents a great opportunity to freshen up the home and get it ready for the busy times ahead. It may never have occurred to you before, but you also need to include an HVAC spring cleaning on your to-do list.

Simple Tips for Remembering to Change Your Air Filter

Simple Tips for Remembering to Change Your Air Filter

It might be an unassuming and easily-overlooked part of your home HVAC system, but your furnace or air conditioner’s air filter actually plays a big role. It keeps the inner workings of your system free from dust and debris – and when it clogs up, the strain it puts on the fan motors can be one of the leading causes of system failure. Savvy homeowners know to replace the filter once a month, and here are some of the tips they may use to remind themselves to do it.

Air Conditioner Coils: Keep Them Clean, and They’ll Keep You Cool

Your air conditioner coils work together to keep your Grand Traverse County home cool all summer long. The indoor evaporator coil absorbs heat from your home’s air, and the outdoor condensing coil expels the heat energy outdoors. Over time, your coils may become coated in dust, dirt and grime, hampering the heat exchange and making your system work harder to keep you comfortable. The best time to have your coils cleaned is in conjunction with your A/C’s annual spring tune-up, but it’s never too late to reap the benefits of having them cleaned. 

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