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Dual Fuel Heat Pumps and the Benefits of Multiple Heat Options

When you’re choosing a new heating system for your home in the Grand Traverse County area, be sure to consider duel fuel heat pumps. They combine the best aspects of both an electric heat pump and a natural gas forced-air furnace to provide your home with efficient heating during harsh Michigan winters. Here are a few advantages dual fuel heat pumps have to offer:

Types of Heating Systems for Your New Home or Renovation

Both buying a new home, and making over the one you already have, are exciting projects. Speaking to the former, the 2010 census shows the rate of Traverse City’s population growth up more than five percent over the 2000 population survey, suggesting property sales should increase in step. Whether moving into one of those new-builds, or carrying out substantial renovations to a home you already have, it’s going to be decisions all the way. One of the most important is between heating systems, so it’s vital to understand the choices.

Care for Your Electronic Air Cleaner and it Will Clear the Air for You

It takes a well-maintained air-cleaning system to clear the air in your home on a daily basis.Make sure you care for your electronic air cleaner so it performs at maximum efficiency to boost the indoor air quality in your home.

Heat Pumps: An Efficient Heating And Cooling System

Your heat pump is likely the most sophisticated and efficient machinery in your home. To maximize your energy savings, and home comfort, learn how your heat pump works to help you keep it in optimal working order.

3 Insider Tips To Boost Heat Pump Performance

A heat pump is one of most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home using a single appliance. In order to lower your electric bill and increase its effectiveness, it’s important to focus on increasing heat pump performance. Ideally, heat pumps need regular preventive maintenance to operate as close to the manufacturer’s specifications as possible. To do your part to maximize your heat pump’s performance, keep these tips in mind.

Hybrid Heating Systems: Why Grand Traverse Area Homeowners Should Consider Them

Choosing a new or replacement heating system for your home brings with it inevitable questions of efficiency and reliability. If you’ve always used a heat pump or an electric or fuel-powered furnace, you’ll be tempted to stick with what you know. For homeowners in the Grand Traverse County area, however, hybrid heating systems provide another alternative that combines the best of these two types of heating to achieve a level of efficiency and reliability that neither could provide by itself.

Reduce Heating Load Factors Before An HVAC Retrofit Or Replacement

If you’re replacing your furnace or upgrading it through some sort of retrofit, you can ease the burden of cost by making sure your heating load is minimized. This refers to the amount of energy that your home requires to stay warm. When your load is lower, you can purchase a smaller furnace, which will be less expensive.

Insider Tips To Guide Your Furnace Selection

When it comes time to buy a new furnace, you have a lot to think about. What kind of system should you get? What do all the different energy ratings mean? How can you save money on your utility bills? Can a new furnace help heat your home better during the cold Grand Traverse County winters? Let these insider tips help guide your selection of your next heating unit.

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