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Eliminate Allergy Causing Pollutants and Stay Healthy This Winter

Allergy causing indoor pollutants can range from the simply annoying to the certifiably toxic. Many things that float around in our indoor environment belong to the category of irritants, like common buoyant dust. However, substances too small for the naked eye, such as microorganisms, as well as invisible gases and vapors, may be more harmful.

A Heat Recovery Ventilator: A Must-Have For Airtight Homes In Michigan

Homes that aren’t sealed tightly lose energy because heated air escapes through gaps and cracks in the outer envelope. That’s why more and more homes in Michigan today are being built tightly and efficiently. However, an unanticipated side effect has resulted from sealing homes so tightly. Like a thermos, heat is kept effectively inside your home, but so is everything else, including potentially harmful pollution from cooking, cleaning and even breathing. That’s where a heat recovery ventilator comes in.

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