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Dual Fuel Heat Pumps and the Benefits of Multiple Heat Options

When you’re choosing a new heating system for your home in the Grand Traverse County area, be sure to consider duel fuel heat pumps. They combine the best aspects of both an electric heat pump and a natural gas forced-air furnace to provide your home with efficient heating during harsh Michigan winters. Here are a few advantages dual fuel heat pumps have to offer:

Heat Pump’s Not Delivering Cool Air: Learn How to Troubleshoot

Heat pumps are efficient comfort systems that offer the convenience of home cooling and heating in one system. If your heat pump’s not delivering cool air for you this summer, try getting your system cooling again with this checklist, and you may save yourself time and a service call.

Hybrid Heating Systems: Keeping You Comfy No Matter the Outdoor Temperature

Hybrid heating systems, also called dual-fuel systems, combine the energy efficiency of a heat pump with a combustion furnace. These systems combine the best of both worlds, particularly in a climate like ours, because they give you the option of heating with the heat pump during milder weather and only using fuel when temperatures drop near or below freezing. 

The EnergyGuide Label Can Guide Your Next Choice Of HVAC Systems

If you’re contemplating new HVAC equipment for your Grand Traverse County home, the EnergyGuide label can help you decide on the best system for you. Whether you’re dealing with a broken HVAC system or simply looking for one that won’t drive up your utility bills, energy-efficient HVAC systems will save you money. How do you know which system will save you the most? The EnergyGuide label was designed to answer that question in a way that’s easy for consumers to understand.

3 Insider Tips To Boost Heat Pump Performance

A heat pump is one of most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home using a single appliance. In order to lower your electric bill and increase its effectiveness, it’s important to focus on increasing heat pump performance. Ideally, heat pumps need regular preventive maintenance to operate as close to the manufacturer’s specifications as possible. To do your part to maximize your heat pump’s performance, keep these tips in mind.

A How-To Guide For Your Heat Pump Thermostat

A heat pump thermostat is different from regular heating and A/C thermostats, because a heat pump is a different type of system. On the heating end, besides the heat pump itself, you also have a backup heating system usually powered by electric heating coils or, in many cases, a propane or natural gas furnace. 

Interested In A Dual-Fuel System? Optimize Fuel Use For Savings

One of the most energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home in Grand Traverse County is to use a dual-fuel system. Until recently, heat pumps worked best in warm winter climates throughout the sunbelt states, but new technological improvements make these systems ideal for heating, even this far north.

You Can Make Geothermal Air Conditioning A Reality, Along With Savings

Homeowners in Grand Traverse County and the surrounding areas know that the summers can get pretty hot and the winters can get really cold. This change in temperature levels between the seasons can cause you to pay more money than necessary to keep your home comfortable. However, geothermal heating and cooling systems can provide you with a solution to that problem. They are far more efficient than traditional air conditioners and will help you cut the cost of your utility bills through energy savings.

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