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How to Control Dust All Over Your House

How to Control Dust All Over Your House

Controlling dust in your home may seem like a never-ending chore. However, if you want a cleaner home with more healthful indoor air quality, you’re going to have to deal with dust regularly. This is especially true during the winter when you’re spending more time indoors. So, before you pick up that feather duster, read on to learn more effective ways to control dust.

These Areas of Your House Need the Most Ventilation

These Areas of Your House Need the Most Ventilation

Good ventilation is very important in any home, helping to ensure that indoor air remains healthy and comfortable for your home’s occupants by working to prevent the buildup of pollutants, odors and humidity inside the home. While good airflow is important throughout your home, there are specific areas that need the most ventilation.

7 Simple Steps Remove Dust and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Unfortunately for Grand Traverse County residents, the breeze off the bay just isn’t enough to improve indoor air quality. If you want to get rid of the dust and contaminants in your home’s air, you’ll need to take some action.

Can Your Traverse City Home Benefit From a Professional Duct Cleaning?

Your ductwork is one HVAC system component that you may not think about often. Since it’s hidden behind walls and ceilings, how can you know how dirty they are? Fortunately, there are easy-to-identify signs that tell you that professional duct cleaning is needed.

Enjoy a Healthier Home with Efficient Air Cleaners

Despite scrupulous cleaning, the typical home is usually a haven for indoor pollutants. Everything from dust mites to mold can abound without the homeowner even knowing. However, by modifying cleaning practices and making the most of effective ventilation, air cleaners and dehumidifiers, you can enjoy a more healthful home.

Eliminate Dust Buildup in Your Home with an Air Purifier

No matter how carefully you clean, it’s nearly impossible to ensure good indoor air quality without a little extra help. By using a quality air purifier, you’ll eliminate more dust in your air, as well as any ragweed pollen and other air contaminants common in the Grand Traverse County area.

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