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Benefits of Two-Stage Cooling

Benefits of Two-Stage Cooling

When you’re selecting a new cooling system for your home, you may run across a system that offers two-stage cooling. This feature is one of the best options for this climate because it will cut your energy bills, increase indoor comfort and last longer. The difference between a system that has two- or dual-stage cooling lies in its compressor, the part that alters the refrigerant pressure to make cooling possible. Instead of running on one speed only, which is high, the compressor runs at a lower speed when conditions don’t require extreme cooling. Most of the time, your home needs… Read More »

5 A/C Features to Look For When Shopping for a New Cooling System

5 A/C Features to Look For When Shopping for a New Cooling System

A new air conditioning system is a large investment, and to get the most value for your money, you must choose carefully. There are five common cooling system features that should factor into your ultimate decision.

Prep Your Home Before You Leave for Vacation

When you prep your home before leaving on a trip, you can rest easy that you’ve taken steps to keep it safe and sound. These tips will cut energy consumption while you’re away, and may protect it from any unforeseen problems.

Energy Evaluations Provide Steps To Improve Efficiency

With energy prices continuing to rise, you might be looking for ways to cut back on your utility bills. An energy evaluation, conducted by a professional, will provide you with ways that you can increase the energy-efficiency of your home. These energy evaluations can provide a ton of energy savings and will end up paying for themselves very quickly.

Programmable Thermostat Features You’ll Fall In Love With

By adding a programmable thermostat into your heating and cooling system, you will be able to control the comfort levels in your home. With total control over your heating and cooling equipment, you will be able to provide heat and cool air to your home in a very efficient manner.

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