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Tips to Help You Detect Air Leaks

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Having an air leak in your home can end up costing you a considerable amount of money over time. These leaks cause your heating and cooling system to run more often than it should, which uses up more energy and results in higher bills throughout the year. Knowing how to find air leaks in your home can help you cut down on energy usage and keep your energy bills lower.

Conducting Energy Tests at Home

Conducting Energy Tests at Home

If you’re tired of paying high utility bills and are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption at home, performing some energy tests is a good way to find areas where you can make improvements. Here are some common trouble spots to check and fixes to make to start saving energy.

Do You Know What the “Feels Like” Temperature is?

Do You Know What the "Feels Like" Temperature is?

Your thermostat tells you what the air temperature is, but what your body feels could be something quite different. The “feels like” temperature, also known as the apparent temperature, is influenced by humidity and airflow. Your home’s comfort depends on these factors in addition to air temperature.

Why It’s Important to Seal Air Leaks in Your Home Envelope

Why It's Important to Seal Air Leaks in Your Home Envelope

In an energy-efficient home, the thermal envelope is well sealed in order to keep heat in during winter and to keep heat out in summer. Air leaks indicate breaches in the envelope, and this translates energy loss. Here is more about detecting these leaks and why doing so is worth the effort.

Different Options for Air Sealing Your Home

Different Options for Air Sealing Your Home

Over time, even the most airtight structure will develop leaks where conditioned air seeps out and unconditioned air filters in. The leaks can also allow unwanted humidity and airborne particulates, such as pollen and dust, inside. Furthermore, the unconditioned air that seeps inside will compromise air conditioner and furnace efficiency, driving up utility bills. If this is happening in your home, air sealing is the way to prevent it.

Protect Your Michigan Home From Severe Weather This Winter

It’s no secret that Michigan winters can be harsh. The winter of 2013 was one of the coldest winters in many years and many Michiganians got a much needed reminder that it is essential to prepare for winter weather. Don’t be caught unaware if this winter is another tough one: take steps now to protect your home from severe weather.

Air Sealing Your Traverse City Home for Winter: How and Why

As temperatures begin to fall in Traverse City, you need to make sure your home is ready to weather the winter. Instead of dreading the electricity or gas bill, take action before it’s time to turn on the heater. Air sealing your home is the best way to protect yourself from unnecessary heating expenses. 

Learn How to Find Air Leaks in Your Home

Air leaks in your Grand Traverse County home result in higher utility bills, less comfort and more wear on your HVAC systems. When outdoor air infiltrates your home during the summer and winter, your furnace or A/C must work harder to compensate, increasing energy costs and causing cold or hot spots in your home. 

Is Your Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Scheduled?

It won’t be long before cooling systems are humming 24/7 across Grand Traverse County, and now is the time to schedule your seasonal HVAC maintenance. An annual tune-up is essential for increasing your system’s efficiency, lowering your cooling costs, preventing common problems and extending the operating life of your system.

Energy Star Points the Way to a More Efficient Home

If you are concerned about reducing energy costs, the best place to start is with your heating and air conditioning equipment, as almost half of your home’s energy goes into heating and cooling.

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