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MERV Ratings Are The Real Deal: Use Them To Select A High-Performance Air Filter

MERV Ratings Are The Real Deal: Use Them To Select A High-Performance Air FilterThe quality of your air filter, as indicated by MERV ratings, directly impacts the performance of your HVAC equipment, your indoor air quality, and the comfort and well-being of your loved ones. MERV ratings provide the necessary tools to help you make an educated decision for choosing the air filter that’s right for your home.

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Changed Your Air Filter? Do It Now — And Benefit 5 Ways

Changed Your Air Filter? Do It Now -- And Benefit 5 WaysAll heating and cooling equipment should have an air filter installed to capture airborne pollutants as air circulates through the system to be heated or cooled. Five primary benefits await you if you diligently change your filter every 30 to 90 days.

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5 Easy Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home During Summer

5 Easy Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home During SummerSummer weather is here in Michigan, and with all the benefits of warm weather comes one significant downside: allergies. If you’re concerned about summertime allergy symptoms in the months ahead, take these five simple steps to allergy-proof your home.

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Indoor Air Quality: 7 Steps To Improving Spring Allergy Symptoms

Indoor Air Quality: 7 Steps To Improving Spring Allergy SymptomsDid you know that you can control spring allergy symptoms just by making a few changes to your HVAC equipment? A few simple changes to your equipment maintenance and the units that you use can make a big difference in the amount of allergy symptoms you suffer from throughout the year. Try making these adjustments now to avoid allergies in the late spring, summer, and fall.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality With Detection, Testing And Removal

Your home is meant to be a relaxing, safe and comfortable place for you and your family. Unfortunately, poor indoor air quality will affect your health and create an unsafe environment. Thankfully, proper detection, testing and removal will improve your indoor air quality and keep your home safe.

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A Three-Pronged Strategy For Cleaner Air

Cleaner air in your home lets you feel better with every breath you take. It can make a huge difference in your comfort and, even more importantly, your health. Here are three simple steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality.

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Easy Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home During Michigan Pollen Season

When it’s pollen season in Michigan, you want to make sure your home is protected.  Allergy-proofing your home will help you breathe easy by vastly improving the quality of your indoor air. Implement some of these easy solutions to keep allergy-irritating pollutants out of your home.

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Programmable Thermostat Features You’ll Fall In Love With

By adding a programmable thermostat into your heating and cooling system, you will be able to control the comfort levels in your home. With total control over your heating and cooling equipment, you will be able to provide heat and cool air to your home in a very efficient manner.

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Changing Your Air Filters Regularly? Here’s Why You Should

Air filters are the unsung heroes of your home comfort system. They have one of the most important jobs in the system, but they’re often forgotten — to the detriment of your budget. Clogged, dirty air filters cost you money by lowering system performance and driving up utility bills. A dirty filter can shorten the life of your system, too. It’s well worth the small amount of time and effort required to replace the filter monthly, especially in seasons of heavy use — throughout the summer and winter here in the Grand Traverse County area.

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