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3 Ways to Keep Your HVAC Unit Free Home Remodeling Debris

Remodeling your Michigan home? Don’t forget to protect your HVAC system. A home remodeling project can generate a great deal of dust and debris, which can spell trouble for air conditioners and other home comfort-related appliances. A build-up of remodeling debris inside the system can cause all manner of problems, from reducing your air conditioner’s efficiency to damaging fan motors and other moving parts. These three tips will help ensure that your home’s new look doesn’t cost you a new A/C unit.

Airflow And Refrigerant Charge: Maintenance Tasks That Ensure Peak Performance

Does your air conditioner have the correct airflow and refrigerant charge? Unless you are a certified HVAC professional, you probably don’t even know what the correct airflow and refrigerant charge is, much less how to check it and make adjustments. But having the correct amount of refrigerant and the correct amount of air flowing through your A/C system is vital if you want your air conditioner to cool efficiently and last a long time.

Air Conditioner Warranty — Choosing The Best Option For You

A new A/C may be one of the most expensive appliances you have in your home, and taking some time to study the air conditioner warranty before purchasing the new system can help you be a better consumer. If you’ve already purchased and installed a new system, you still might be able to acquire a warranty to protect you down the road.

Upgrading Your Air Conditioner This Year? These Terms will Help You Navigate Your Options

If you are upgrading your air conditioner this summer, you are likely to hear a number of unfamiliar words, acronyms or phrases. To help you understand what is being referred to, here is a short list of air conditioning terms that you should know:

Repair Or Replace Air Conditioning? 3 Criteria That Help You Decide When To Retire Your System

Most homeowners will eventually have to decide if it’s better to repair or replace their air conditioner. Spending money on new cooling equipment is never a fun option, but it is important to know when it’s time. Here are three criteria that you must consider when making the decision to repair or replace air conditioning:

Freon Prices Might Lead To Sticker Shock: Experts Weigh In On Options

Michigan homeowners who have had to buy refrigerant for their old air conditioning systems this year have faced a bit of sticker shock: R-22 Freon prices have roughly tripled in 2012. 

Scheduled Air Conditioner Maintenance Yet? It’s Not Too Late To Cash In On Its Benefits

Before the temperatures really start soaring, get your air conditioning system in high gear with professional service, as well as some simple do-it-yourself TLC.

Boiler Efficiency: Discover AFUE Ratings

If your home or business has a boiler, you should know about AFUE ratings. AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, and it’s similar to other rating systems for air conditioners and other appliances. Knowing what it means can save you money by helping you heat your home more efficiently.

Two Terms To Remember When You’re Shopping For An Air Conditioner: SEER And Energy Star

If you’ve been shopping for an air conditioner for your Michigan home, you already know that there are some big differences from one model to the next. Some air conditioners are much more energy-efficient than others, providing the same amount of cool air while using less electricity and saving you money on your utility bills. These high-efficiency systems don’t look much different than their low-efficiency counterparts, though.

Air Conditioning Installation Factors That Affect Efficiency

If you’re getting a new air conditioning system before the hot summer months get here, you will want to make sure that the contractor you choose knows how to install it correctly. Surprising as it may seem, in a lot of cases, air conditioners are not installed properly. This results in a less-efficient air conditioner and more money spent on utility bills.

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