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Here’s How You Can Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioner

Here's How You Can Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner sure works up a sweat to keep your Traverse City home cool. Scheduled preventive maintenance helps ensure it does its job efficiently without any problems. Though, there are so many parts and functions your A/C system performs that, sooner or later, issues are bound to occur. Use these troubleshooting tips if your A/C system is acting up.

You Need Clean A/C Coils. Here’s Why

You Need Clean A/C Coils. Here's Why | Team Bob's

Your summer comfort depends on having a reliable cooling system, but you may not realize that clean A/C coils have a major impact on your system’s performance. An air conditioner has two sets of coils that work in tandem to capture heat indoors and send it outside:

How to Run the A/C More Efficiently This Summer

Dreading the high air conditioning bills Northwest Michigan summers often bring? By taking steps to run the A/C more efficiently this season, you can cut your bills and enjoy better performance from your system.

Don’t Let Common A/C Problems Catch You and Your Michigan Home Offguard

One of the most common A/C problems is neglecting maintenance. Some homeowners think skipping one year of maintenance will not matter; besides, the air conditioning feels cool enough for your family. However, every time you skip maintenance, it puts more strain on your system to produce cool air and increases your energy costs. Regular maintenance by a homeowner or a professional will catch these common A/C issues before they become expensive problems.

Scheduled Air Conditioner Maintenance Yet? It’s Not Too Late To Cash In On Its Benefits

Before the temperatures really start soaring, get your air conditioning system in high gear with professional service, as well as some simple do-it-yourself TLC.

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