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Surge Protection Can Protect Your HVAC System

Surge Protection Can Protect Your HVAC SystemYour heating and cooling equipment are important parts of your Grand Traverse County area home and they must be protected. Unfortunately, too few homeowners consider surge protection when it comes to the care of their HVAC system. Doing so can lead to outrageous costs for repair or replacement if a piece of your equipment is damaged.

The Importance of Surge Protection

Many people only worry about the dangers of a power surge when lightning is involved during a storm. While it’s true that lightning strikes near a power line can initiate a surge, the most common cause is the use of high-powered equipment such as air conditioners, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, etc. These units often require a higher demand of power when switching on and off and a surge may result. Other sources of a surge include bad wiring, downed power lines, etc.

How These Units Function

Some people are under the misconception that a surge protector functions by turning off any equipment that’s connected when a surge is detected. The truth is that these units actually operate by rerouting excess energy if a surge occurs, which protects equipment in most cases. So it’s very likely that your protector could save your equipment without you even being aware of it.

Saving You Repair and Replacement

Protecting your HVAC system from a surge is essential due to its high cost and functionality. Perhaps you don’t think you could survive without your TV, but you’ll have a much harder time dealing with a loss of comfort. A surge could damage your equipment considerably, even a brand new unit, which could lead to very high costs of repair or replacement. Plus, the device will include a warranty that reimburses you up to a certain amount if damage does occur while your equipment is connected to a surge protector.

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