How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Storm SeasonAfter last August’s huge storm, it’s prudent to start spring storm preparation before unstable and dangerous weather hits. Your HVAC system is particularly vulnerable, since part of it sits outside and high winds and power outages can wreak havoc with it.

  • Add a surge protector. Whole-house and individual surge protectors will prevent a good deal of damage caused by power surges, whether they’re caused by a power outage or just the normal switching that power companies do on the grid. These devices turn the power off whenever the power spikes to keep the increased voltage from damaging HVAC equipment. In lieu of a surge protector for your home or HVAC system, turn off your system and switch off its circuit breaker during a power outage to prevent any damage to your system as the power comes back on.
  • Tie the outdoor condenser down. Wind gusts may topple the condenser or send it flying, irreparably damaging it. You can ask your HVAC professional to install tie down straps to prevent it from leaving its slab during high winds. Unless your system is relatively new, a damaged condenser may require an entire system replacement.
  • Set aside some coverings and ropes or bungee cords beforehand as part of spring storm preparation for the outdoor condenser. In the event strong winds are forecast, cover the condenser with a tarp or heavy blankets to prevent damage to the coil from blowing tree branches and other debris. Bent or damaged fins and coils may irreparably harm the condenser.
  • Show your family members who are old enough to be responsible where to turn the circuit breakers off for the HVAC system and why it’s important to do so. It’s also important to let them know where you keep the emergency supplies, including the wrap for the outdoor condenser.

Whether storms this season reach the severe category, spring storm preparation gets your HVAC system ready for any bad weather year-round. For professional assistance, contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing, providing top-notch HVAC service for homeowners in Grand Traverse County and the surrounding areas.

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