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How To Select A Standby Generator To Power Your Home

When the power goes out, it does more than just leave you in the dark. It can leave you in the cold (or heat) with no HVAC equipment running to keep you comfortable. It can leave you hungry, with no microwave or stove to cook with and no refrigeration to keep your food from spoiling. It can even leave you in danger, with no security system and no TV or computer to relay storm warnings. 

Because of this, many Michigan homeowners have been choosing to install standby generators. A standby generator provides electricity for your home whenever a blackout occurs. The generator starts itself up within seconds of sensing a blackout, and powers your home’s wiring as if the blackout had never occurred.

There are a number of standby generator systems available. To select the right one for your home, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Fuel: Most standby generators run on natural gas, and get fuel from your existing natural gas line. Propane-powered generators are also available, though.
  • Electrical load: Some homes use more electricity than others. The electrical load of your house depends on its size, the number of electrical devices inside and the type of HVAC system. If you don’t know how to measure or calculate your electrical load, an HVAC professional can do it for you.
  • Your budget: You can certainly get a generator that powers everything in your house, and many homeowners do. But some people prefer to get a smaller generator that only powers the most essential items. A smaller generator does cost less, if you do not mind sacrificing a few conveniences. In-between the two extremes are “smart” generators, which only power part of the house at a time but can switch between circuits as needed. That way, you can still run everything in your house, at least on a rotating basis.

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