Here's How You Can Use Solar Shades to Lower Your A/C CostsSummer is a great time of year to enjoy outdoor activities, whether at the lake, a ball game, or relaxing on your porch. However, summertime also means uncomfortable heat gain in parts of your home and higher energy bills for your pocketbook. If you want a change for the better, read on to learn how solar shades can help.

Solar Heat Gain Explained

The reason sun-struck rooms become warmer than other parts of your home is due to solar heat gain from the sun. Building materials, furniture, and any other objects exposed to sunlight absorb short-wave radiation. The absorbed heat is re-radiated at longer wavelengths.

Some materials, such as your home’s window glass, transmit the shorter wavelengths more readily than the longer wavelengths. The end result is heat gain, as more heat is collected in your home than is allowed to escape.

Heat gain is welcomed on cool Traverse City winter days, however, heat gain in the summer means higher cooling bills and more work for your A/C system. It’s also more difficult to keep your home comfortable throughout because indoor temperatures vary so substantially from one side of your home to the other.

Solar Shades Explained

Solar screen roller shades (also called solar screens) are designed primarily to block solar heat gain. However, with so many colors and transparency options available, solar screens are very attractive, too!

Like conventional roller shades, solar shades roll up and down in your window frame, though more easily than clumsy shades made decades ago. Solar screens offer great efficiency gains and interior design inside your home, in outdoor living spaces, and in outbuildings. Common types of solar shads include:

  • Screen: Solar screen roller shades allow good visibility in and out of your home at optional transparency levels.
  • Privacy: A privacy solar screen allows light to diffuse into your home. However, you can’t see through the privacy shade.
  • Blackout: A blackout roller screen allows you to totally block sunlight from entering the window.

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