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Sealing Ducts: Minimal Investment For Maximum Return

Sealing Ducts: Minimal Investment For Maximum ReturnIt’s hard to know if your home has leaky ducts without some investigation, but chances are good that your ducts may have some areas of leakage. After all, the average home loses up to 20 percent of its cooled and heated air to leaks in its ductwork, according to the Energy Star program.

If you have high energy bills or rooms that are difficult to heat, cool or feel stuffy, it’s a good time to check your home’s ductwork. Many homes have ductwork that’s difficult to see because it’s hidden in the walls and between floors, so contacting an HVAC professional for an inspection might be your best bet. Some ducts, however, can be found in the attic, basement, crawlspace or garage, making it easier for homeowners to handle small sealing projects on their own.

Ducts should be sealed with mastic-type sealant and metal tape. Many homeowners consult a certified HVAC contractor for this job. A professional contractor can do a comprehensive inspection and provide professional duct sealing, as well as repair any damaged ducts and insulate ducts that pass through uncooled and unheated areas.

Sealing ducts can have significant benefits, including lowering cooling costs in the hot summer months. It’s a minimal investment that can deliver maximum returns, paying for itself in the form of lower energy bills.

Some of the other benefits of duct sealing include:

  • Even temperatures throughout your home because your system won’t have to work as hard to reach all the rooms.
  • Improved indoor air quality, as irritants and allergens can no longer enter the ductwork and be distributed through your home.
  • Less negative impact on the environment.
  • Protection from backdrafting, in which gases from gas and oil-burning appliances enter the living space instead of being properly vented outdoors.

Duct sealing is a win-win, benefiting your HVAC system, your budget and the environment.

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