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5 Ways to Save Water in Your Traverse City Home

5 Ways to Save Water in Your Traverse City HomeWater conservation is an essential and popular practice many Traverse City homeowners are implementing to save money. Measures to enact saving water are important not only where water is scarce, but even in places like Michigan where the resource can seem in complete abundance. Saving water can help reduce your home utility bills, help prevent pollution, and promote a healthier environment. The following are some of the easiest ways to save water in your Traverse City neighborhood.

  • Plumbing maintenance. The first step in water conservation is to ensure the pipes and fittings in your home’s plumbing system are in tip-top shape. Complete regular inspections for any leaky faucets, leaky toilets, and other common trouble areas. While handy homeowners can seal some of the more minor leaks, get in touch with a reliable Michigan plumber to quickly and efficiently resolve big jobs.
  • Use the clothes washing machine and dishwasher at full load. These machines were designed to handle specific loads. This causes a lot of water to be wasted when they are used for smaller and incomplete loads. Save water by only turning them on when they’re at their recommended capacity, or by switching to smarter, more efficient units that offer flexible loads and water usage.
  • Water saving in the garden. Consider using a drip irrigation in your home garden, or use drought resistant and native plants for your landscaping to help cut down on your lawn watering.
  • Install a water meter. This handy device gives you instant information on any potential water leakage in your home. Installing a water meter is an excellent preventative step to ensuring you aren’t wasting water, and to keep you on an ideal water usage plan.
  • Short showers and no rinse. Set family limits on hot showers, a good rule of thumb is five minutes per a person. And don’t rinse your dishes in hot water before throwing them in the dishwasher, most modern machines can handle the odd bits. Both these steps will help you save water and electricity.

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