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Replacing an HVAC System? 4 Considerations

Replacing an HVAC System? 4 ConsiderationsReplacing an HVAC system is a big decision that requires careful consideration. Your new system will affect your comfort on a daily basis for years to come. In order to make the best decision for your home, consider these four main aspects of a replacement:

  1. Is it the right time for a replacement? There are many reasons for replacing a system. Old age is the most common reason, as most will become significantly less efficient over time and perform worse. A system that’s been maintained regularly should last about 15 years before a replacement is necessary. However, a younger system that breaks down constantly and needs expensive repairs should also be replaced. While you pay more upfront, you’ll save more money and time in the future.
  2. Does your whole HVAC system need to be replaced? If you have a deteriorating condenser unit you may think about replacing that one part. However, combining different systems together typically leads to poor performance and low efficiency. When you replace one part of your HVAC system, the whole system should be replaced at the same time.
  3. How do you pick the right size? All systems have a capacity rating that describes how much air they can cool or heat. Pick a system too small and any cooling or heating will be slow, but pick an oversized system and you’ll see high energy bills and a higher risk of breakdowns. Have a contractor perform sizing calculations to ensure you have the right size system for your home.
  4. Which type do you want? Deciding between the multiple types of HVAC systems is another choice you will have to make. The best idea is to talk with a contractor about your options. Their experience and expertise will help you choose the most effective system for your home.

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