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Repair Or Replace Air Conditioning? 3 Criteria That Help You Decide When To Retire Your System

Repair Or Replace Air Conditioning? 3 Criteria That Help You Decide When To Retire Your SystemMost homeowners will eventually have to decide if it’s better to repair or replace their air conditioner. Spending money on new cooling equipment is never a fun option, but it is important to know when it’s time. Here are three criteria that you must consider when making the decision to repair or replace air conditioning:

1. Age

Most air conditioners last between eight and 12 years. If your equipment has reached retirement age, you must begin to plan to invest in a new cooling system. The older your air conditioner gets, the more likely it will be that you will experience problems. On top of this, as your equipment ages, it also becomes more possible that replacement parts have been discontinued. This will make repairs either impossible, or extremely costly.

2. Efficiency

When choosing whether to repair or replace air conditioning, you should consider how efficient your equipment was prior to its breakdown. New models are designed to be increasingly efficient and to promote energy savings. By investing in new equipment, you will save money in the long run, and many energy-efficient systems come with added incentives and rebates.

3. Condition

Be honest with yourself — did your air conditioner receive the service and attention that it required? Routine preventive maintenance is a must. If your climate control was not adequately maintained or serviced, your options are probably limited. Additionally, if your air conditioner has simply worn down and this isn’t the first time you’ve experienced problems, it’s time for that equipment to retire. No matter how expert the technician, there is only so much that can be done for equipment that was not adequately serviced or that has seen better days.

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