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Radiant Heating: Optimal Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Radiant Heating: Optimal Comfort and Energy EfficiencyMany homes in Grand Traverse County have conventional heating systems that work by heating air and blowing this warmed air into the living spaces. Other homes in our area have systems using heated water piped along baseboards which will gradually warm the circulating air. Both of these systems rely on the movement of heated air. Another option, radiant heating, works on a different
process entirely.

How radiant heating works

The basis of radiant heat is heat transfer. Place your hand over a hot cup of coffee and you can feel the heat; however, if you hold your hand to the side of the cup, you can also feel heat. This is because heat can travel any direction. What you feel to the side of the cup is radiant heat transfer, the warm surface of the cup transferring its heat to the cooler surface of your hand. This radiant energy moves through the air and only turns into heat when it encounters a cooler object.

Floor heat is the most common radiant heating system.

There are three types of radiant heat:

  • Air-heated – These systems are usually not effective for homes and work better in office buildings.
  • Electric – This type of system utilizes electric cables built directly into the floor.
  • Hydronic (or liquid) – This system uses looped tubing arranged beneath surface flooring. The tubes are filled with heated water.

A properly sized, designed and installed radiant heating system is not only extremely comfortable, but it can also be very energy efficient and cost effective.

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