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How a Radiant Heating System Can Keep Your Michigan Home Toasty This Winter

How a Radiant Heating System Can Keep Your Michigan Home Toasty This WinterMost people think of forced-air systems when it comes to residential heating, but radiant heating has been used with great success for thousands of years. It’s a reliable and effective way to keep your home feeling nice and toasty, and in many cases, is more energy efficient. Learn about this kind of system, and the many advantages of using radiant heating to make your Northern Michigan home comfortable all winter long. 

What is radiant heating?

Radiant heating is a system with ancient roots. In fact, the Romans used an archaic form of radiant heating to keep private and public baths warm. You’ve likely experienced this kind of heating yourself many times simply by being in a room with a fire, or when you feel the warming effects of a hot stovetop from across the room.

To heat a home, this type of system delivers warmth right to panels in your ceiling, walls, or most commonly, floors. There are three types of radiant floor heating systems: hydronic (liquid-based), electric or air-heated. While panel-based and floor-based systems have their differences, both use infrared radiation – taking the warmth from the system’s hot source and suppling it directly to a room.

Benefits of Heating with a Radiant System

  • Greater energy efficiency than baseboard heating and, in some cases, forced-air systems (since there’s no heat lost through leaky or uninsulated ductwork).
  • Comfort levels that are more consistent than those felt with forced-air systems.
  • Allergens won’t be released throughout your home as they often are with forced-air systems.
  • Significantly reduced electricity usage if you choose a hydronic system.
  • Improved indoor air quality due to more effective ventilation, and fewer issues with dirty air blowing through ducts.
  • Reduced operation noise.
  • Mechanical equipment that takes up less space.
  • Centrally located mechanical equipment makes maintenance easier.

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