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Programmable Thermostat: Expert Help To Choose The Best One

Programmable Thermostat: Expert Help To Choose The Best OneAll programmable thermostats help you save energy by customizing your home-comfort plan, and allow you to remove “check the thermostat” from your daily to-do list. The differences between the variety of programmable thermostats are the programming options, and the available “smart” features, such as Wi-Fi-linkable that gives you complete system management from your smartphone, your laptop or any place where you access the Internet.

System Compatibility

First, distinguish the manufacturer and type of heating/cooling systems you have, including advanced features like dual-fuel heat pumps, variable-speed blowers, separate units and zoning systems. If you have multiple home-comfort systems, like a whole-house humidifier or a heat-recovery ventilator, you’ll want a thermostat that can interlink systems for full climate control. Speak with your heating and cooling professional for your best options.

Programming Functions

Practically all programmable thermostats permit four-event settings (or more) per 24 hours. The primary programming differences are day-to-day programming. For instance, if you have a busy household, you may want the seven-day model, which you may assign a different schedule for each day of the week. Other programs include the 5+2 model, which assigns one Monday-through-Friday program and one weekend program. The 5+1+1 model is the same as the 5+2, but you may assign separate programs for Saturday and Sunday.

Smart features

Programmable thermostats available today are a completely new generation of devices compared to a few years ago. You may access your home-comfort system via smartphone app, or through an Internet connection. You may receive system alerts warning you of malfunctions, like overheating, extreme temperature variances, power outage, system freeze-up (which can cause damage to the compressor) and simple things like reminders to change the filter. If your schedule changes, go online and change the settings. When linked with humidification systems, and/or ventilation systems, you can adjust humidity levels and airflow to correspond with weather changes.

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