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Guidelines to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Programmable Thermostat

Guidelines to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Programmable ThermostatA programmable thermostat is a simple and affordable device that offers homeowners substantial energy savings and customized temperature settings at the touch of a few buttons. Use the following guidelines to select the right thermostat(s) for your needs.

Programming days

If you’re purchasing a new programmable thermostat, you’ll first need to decide which model best suits your lifestyle and budget. Programmable thermostats are available with daily programming options for each day of the week (seven-day) and a workweek plus weekend program (five+two-day).

Consider choosing a thermostat with Adaptive Intelligent Recovery. Adaptive Intelligent Recovery “learns” the most efficient time and temperature increments to bring your home to programmed temperature. This feature is necessary for homes with heat-pump systems.

Installation tips

Whether you’re installing one programmable thermostat or a network of thermostats for a zoning system, there are basic criteria to follow for best installation and operational results. Choose inner walls away from windows, direct sunlight, supply outlets, heat-generating appliances and access doors. Light, heat and airflow can cause false temperature readings, which make consistent temperature control difficult and frustrating.

Programming suggestions

The prime times for saving energy are during sleeping hours and periods when the home is unoccupied, such as during working hours and regularly scheduled activities. When you are programming your thermostat, take advantage of lowering energy bills by setting the temperature 10 to 14 degrees above normal comfort settings (cooling months) and 10 degrees below normal comfort settings (heating months). Program the temperature during sleeping hours to the greatest energy savings while maintaining comfort.

Developing energy-efficient habits

Programmable thermostats offer a pre-programmed “vacation” setting and a “hold” feature. Use the hold feature sparingly for greatest energy-saving results. If you find that you are using the hold feature too often, modify your program settings to better reflect your lifestyle and temperature preferences. Saving a little energy with modified settings is better than not saving energy at all by using the hold feature too much.

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