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Professional Drain Cleaning Helps Head Off Plumbing Problems

Professional Drain Cleaning Helps Head Off Plumbing ProblemsUsually we give little thought to the drainage system under our sinks, tubs and toilets. That is, until those drains get clogged and back up, sending dirty water and sewage back up the pipes and into our homes. When that happens, the drains suddenly have our full and undivided attention, and what we want most is for them to be unclogged and working.

Professional drain cleaning, inspection and maintenance will head off unpleasant and unsanitary problems that could result from damaged or badly clogged drains.

Team Bob’s professional plumbers are highly knowledgeable about draining systems, so they know what to look for when checking out your pipes. They can access and inspect your drainage system from your sink or toilet all the way to your septic tank or municipal sewer hook-up. They can spot tell-tale signs of drainage problems that untrained individuals might miss.

Professionals also bring the right equipment to the job. They have access to power tools, mechanical augers and other equipment that can break up and release even large clogs. If your drainage system is damaged, a professional will know what to do to fix the problem and get the wastewater flowing freely again.

To help prevent clogs, be aware of what goes in your drainage system. Avoid sending large amounts of paper down the toilet, and don’t flush items such as cigarette butts, small bits of trash or other foreign objects. Get a drain catch for your sinks and tubs to keep food particles and other material from ending up in your drain pipes. Avoid overloading your drainage system; if you have washing machines, showers and kitchen sinks all draining at the same time, it could be too much for your system to handle.

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