Plungers, Augers, and Snakes — Oh My! A Look Inside the Plumber's ToolboxIt’s often said that to get the best results with any project, you need the right tool for the job. That’s why the licensed plumber carries around an extensive array of specialized tools — much more, in fact, than most handymen are likely to have at their disposal.

That’s also why, when you have a plumbing repair beyond a simple drain clog or faucet washer replacement, it’s always better to call your professional plumber.

Let’s take a look in that plumber’s toolbox and see what’s in it.

Hand Tools

Most homeowners have at least one of these, which are also regularly used for plumbing jobs: sledge hammer, flashlights, drywall knife and box cutter, chisels, ball-peen hammer, tape measure, multi-tip screwdriver, hacksaw, assortment of adjustable wrenches, needle-nose pliers, 2-foot level, crow bar, caulking gun, tin snips, socket set, files, vice grip pliers, tongue and groove pliers, Allen keys and more. You get the picture — anything you find in a typical toolbox, a plumber may also use at some point.

More Specialized Tools

These tools might not be found in a handyman’s kit, but most plumbers will have them:

Plunger. Essential for plumbing emergencies, the ordinary plunger dislodges clogs from drains and toilets.

Basin wrench. Tightens and loosens nuts on sink faucets.

Pipe wrench. Tightens and loosens fittings, nuts and threaded pipes.

Closet auger. A long steel cable used to grind its way through toilet clogs.

Hand auger. Also called a plumber’s snake, it’s a hand-cranked tool with a 25-foot flexible steel cable that can clear clogs in toilets and drains when the plunger doesn’t work.

Adjustable wrench. Plumbers use this in a couple of sizes, for supply lines and compression fittings with hex-shaped nuts.

Tubing cutter. Similar to a C-clamp, this is used in a couple of sizes, standard and small, for cutting copper pipe.

Propane torch. For sweating copper pipe and fittings.

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