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Is Your Plumbing Burping? Find Out Why!

Is Your Plumbing Burping? Find Out Why!Your plumbing should breathe, not burp. The water flowing through your drain pipes often changes the pressure inside your plumbing system. This is why household plumbing incorporates air vents. These pipes extend from your drain system through your attic. Properly functioning vents allow the pressure inside your drain pipes to equalize as waste water travels through the system.

What Goes Wrong

When drain pipes aren’t vented, your system can’t breathe, and drain action slows down. As a result, pressure at the front of the waste water increases, while pressure behind the flow decreases, creating a vacuum inside the pipes. Clogs and stoppages are more likely to develop as the impeded flow fails to flush your pipes adequately.

Unexpected noises from plumbing fixtures are another consequence. As unvented pressure in your pipes increase without proper venting, bubbles may force their way up into your toilets, creating gurgling sounds. This vacuum effect may pull water out of your sink trap, emitting the familiar “burping” noises.

How it Happens

A qualified plumber can fix problems leading to inadequate drain venting. This is a job for a professional. Inspecting vents involves climbing to the peak of your roof and visually checking for obstructions that interfere with proper venting. The usual suspects include bird’s nests and accumulation of leaves or other wind-blown debris.

What Can Be Done

Frequently, the remedy for clogged plumbing vents is a jet of high-pressure water. This can flush material inside the vents down into the sewer line and out of your home. Most plumbing contractors have equipment designed for this purpose and can complete the job quickly and safely. If you have a problem your vent pipe, the fix is more complicated and may involve opening wall cavities to replace a your entire pipe.

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