Use These Creative Ideas for Hiding Your Outdoor HVAC UnitDo you wish there was something that could be done to hide that big metal box next to your home? That big metal box is the outdoor half of your central air system or heat pump. While it plays an essential role in keeping your home comfortable, it’s not very pleasant to look at. Use these creative ideas to hide the outdoor HVAC unit and turn that eyesore into valuable space.

Hide and Protect the Outdoor Unit

A permanent storage structure provides a useful function while effectively concealing the outdoor unit. The structure may be built to match and blend in with your home, landscaping or garden architecture for a natural look. A permanent structure gives you more storage space to place landscaping equipment, gardening tools or anything you like.

Additionally, a permanent structure can help protect the outdoor HVAC unit from snow, ice, leaves and other obstructions to free airflow. Just remember to allow at least three feet of space around all sides. The top of the unit shouldn’t be obstructed. You could install a hinged ceiling to leave open during the cooling months and close it when you shut down your central air system for the heating months.

Install a Fence Around the Unit

Like a permanent structure, a wood fence installed around the outdoor unit may be used for storage. Also, fencing gives you many options for aesthetics and the type of materials you use. A vinyl picket fence or crosshatch fence can enhance your home and landscaping and maintenance is minimal. Fences also protect the unit from bumps by astray landscaping tools and keeps people away from refrigerant lines and the whirring blower.

Trellises and Landscaping

Trellises and landscaping are the most cost-effective ways to hide the outdoor HVAC unit. You could plant climbing vegetables and flowers, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, honeysuckle or lilacs for your enjoyment and to attract wildlife.

When hiding your outdoor HVAC unit, it’s best to consult a professional so to ensure there are no blockages to airflow and maintenance. Contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing in Traverse City for more information.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Ozgur Coskun/Shutterstock”