On or Auto: Which is the Better Thermostat Setting for Your Traverse City Home?One advantage of today’s HVAC systems is that they’re mostly “set and forget.” Once you have the right thermostat setting for the season you are in, the system does all the work of turning things on and off as needed.

Most thermostat setting options are pretty straightforward. The one that we get the most questions about is the fan setting. Should it be set to “on” or “auto”?

The answer to that depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Both settings have advantages and disadvantages.

The “On” Setting

As indicated in the name, the “on” setting means that your HVAC system’s fan is on all the time. It constantly circulates air through the system and throughout your house.

This has the advantage of keeping your home temperatures fairly even. You have fewer hot or cold spots and less chance for humidity to build up. In addition, the circulating air is pulled through your air filter or UV light filtration system more often. This results in less pollutants in the air.

Of course, there’s a downside, as well. Constant use of the fan means a constant draw on your electricity. More use of air filters means you have to change them more often. Both of these issues result in more money out of your pocket.

The “Auto” Setting

The “auto” setting automatically turns your fan on and off as needed to control temperatures.

On the plus side, you have less energy and filter usage. You have lower bills and can replace your filter less often.

On the minus side, your cooled air is distributed less evenly, and dust and allergens are left in the air longer. Also, the starting and stopping of the fan puts more wear on the moving parts.

So what’s the correct answer? It depends on your needs. If you need more filtered air and are willing to pay a higher energy bill, “on” works. If you’d rather have a lower bill, “auto” is your best choice.

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