Shh! Silence the Noisy Air Vents in Your HomeThe typical duct system doesn’t have any motorized parts, but that doesn’t mean your ducts won’t make noise. In fact, some noise is to be expected for the air vents in your home. However, if noisy air vents are to the point that they disrupt your home life, use these tips to try to identify the underlying problem.

Noisy Air Vents

Noises from your air vents may be intermittent, continuous, disturbing or just annoying. Following are common types of air vent noises that indicate duct problems:

  • Clamoring, flapping or rattling: Ductwork undergoes a substantial amount of static pressure from airflow. Loose or disjointed metal duct seams ducts will often clamor, flap or rattle as airflow streams by and out. So, in addition to creating noise, you are losing energy dollars from the duct leak. Locate the duct branch or runout with the leak. Seal the leak with mastic paste or an aerosol sealant followed by metal tape.
  • High-pitched sound: A high-pitched sound or whistling is a sign of airflow obstructions. This may be caused by a dirty air filter and/or dirty duct walls. Change the filter if needed. If it has been several years since your ductwork has been cleaned, consider a duct inspection and possible cleaning from your HVAC provider.
  • Banging or popping: When metal duct walls expand and contract, they may make a banging or popping noise. The expansion and contraction can be reduced by insulating the ducts. Rigid foam board insulation is a great material to use. It will also dampen the banging and popping.
  • Knocking: A forceful knocking noise may be caused by a clogged air filter. Inspect your filter to see if it needs to be changed. The knocking may be caused by expanding and contracting duct walls.
  • Airflow noises: Noisy airflow, such as “whooshing” sounds, may be caused by an over-sized A/C or under-sized ducts. Your HVAC provider can evaluate your HVAC system and suggest the right course of action.

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