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Noisy A/C: Try Troubleshooting Yours Before You Call a Pro

Noisy A/C: Try Troubleshooting Yours Before You Call a ProGrand Traverse County may not have the long, brutal heating season of places down south, but it’s still no good when the A/C starts complaining on a hot July day – or any day. If you’ve got a noisy A/C, there is something you can do before calling the professionals, especially on hot July days when demand for A/C maintenance is up.

  • If your fan is making noise, it may sound like a fast, rhythmic rattling. With the unit safely off, examine the fan blades for any debris or obstructions that may impede their movement. Sometimes insulation or other objects may be pulled into the fan.
  • Fan blades themselves can also come loose, and should be examined. If any blades are loose, they may be tightened at the fan hub, usually with a small screwdriver or an Allen wrench.
  • If fan blades are bent, they can be gently bent back into alignment. Be careful, however, because too much pressure can weaken the blades and make them more prone to shearing.
  • A noisy A/C producing a humming or grinding noise may point to a motor which has run low on lubrication. SAE 10 lubrication can be applied in oil ports to help keep internal components from wearing out.
  • A working A/C produces vibrations from motors and other internal components, and this vibration can work screws loose over a long period of time. If there’s a rattling noise during A/C operation, you may want to check the screws throughout the air conditioner; mounting screws especially should be kept well-tightened.
  • Dirty coils can produce a humming noise in your air conditioner, and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. Stubborn buildup can be removed with warm water and a soft cloth. If there are any debris in the A/C coils, they should be removed.

If you’re not sure about troubleshooting your noisy A/C, contact us today at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing to schedule one of our HVAC professionals to diagnose the problem for you.

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