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Time for a New Ventilation System? Pointers on Shopping for the Right One

Time for a New Ventilation System? Pointers on Shopping for the Right OneA carefully designed ventilation system is invaluable for keeping your indoor air quality high and your humidity levels under control. If you’re getting ready to install a new system, take a little time to learn about what goes into effective whole-house ventilation.

System Design Options

No single design is right for every home, so your ventilation technician will help you create a system based on your home’s needs. Options include:

  • Exhaust — The most common type, this system draws stale air out of your home. It’s often preferred in colder climates.
  • Supply — This type of system draws in fresh air from outdoors, allowing you to minimize the outdoor contaminants and humidity entering.
  • Balanced — Balanced systems consist of both exhaust and supply ventilation fans.
  • Energy recovery (ERV) and heat recovery (HRV) — These systems can help you better maintain your indoor temperatures and save energy.

Consider These Quality Factors

Even air distribution — The fresh air your system draws in won’t help much if it’s not evenly distributed throughout your home. In general, remote-mounted in-line fans ducted into your rooms will do a better job of air distribution than standard ceiling-mounted fans.

Efficient filtration — Quality air filters in your supply ventilation system ensure the air entering your home is free from pollutants. Take care that the fan is large enough to efficiently maintain airflow despite the added resistance the filter creates.

Energy efficiencyEnergy Star-qualified ventilation fans that include lighting use 70 percent less energy than standard models. Properly sizing your fans is also important because oversized fans waste energy.

User-friendly controls — Look for a system with programmable controls that let you schedule your system to run at a higher level of airflow when you’re home and a lower, energy-saving level when you’re away.

Low noise level — Particularly if you’ll be using ceiling-mounted fans, look for those with a noise rating of less than 1 sone. That’s around the noise level of a quiet refrigerator.

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