Need a New Toilet? Use Our Tips to Help You ChooseIs it finally time to retire that old toilet and pick up a new one? You don’t have to go on this little adventure alone — we’re here to help! Just follow these simple tips and you’ll find that perfect unit in no time:

Research Before You Buy

A new toilet is something that will last you several years, so the first thing you should do is properly research different types. The Consumer Reports website is a great place to start, and will provide you with flush rates and other pertinent information.

Don’t Skimp on Price

You may be inclined to pick up the cheapest model you can find, but as they say, you get what you pay for. Purchasing a quality unit will ensure better performance over the years, and will save you money on repairs.

Switch to a Wall-Mounted Model

If you really want to make an impression with visitors to your home, go with a wall-hung toilet. Not a single guest will ever use your bathroom without commenting on it. But the real treat is the fact that they’re much easier to clean, since they don’t have all the small crevices found on traditional types.

Decrease Water Usage with Low-Flow

In the past, low-flow toilets got a bit of a bum rap thanks to the fact that they often required multiple flushes, which basically defeated the purpose much of the time. The good news is modern low-flow models have fixed this issue, so you can be rest assured that you’ll see a drop in water usage.

Choose a High-Efficiency Toilet

Although a high-efficiency model will cost you a little more, there are often rebates available as an incentive to get you to purchase one. And in the long run, you simply can’t deny the money savings you’ll see on your utility bill each month.

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