Here's Benefits of a Modulating FurnaceIf your furnace needs replacement, now’s a good time to learn about recent advancements in home heating technology. Modulating furnaces are an option worth considering if you’d like to improve your home comfort and energy efficiency.

How Modulating Furnaces Work

Modulating furnaces feature two beneficial technological advancements – variable-speed blowers and modulating gas valves. These components each have the ability to adjust their operation incrementally. The benefit of this combination for a homeowner is fine-tuned temperature control paired with a minimal use of electricity and gas.

At start-up, the gas valve opens fully to provide 100 percent output so heat is generated quickly. The variable-speed blower fan then starts up on its lowest speed setting, and increases its speed gradually. Meanwhile, the gas valve slowly closes to reduce output and fuel consumption. When the thermostat temperature setting is satisfied, both components adjust their output to maintain using the lowest setting possible.

Modulating Furnace Advantages

Heating your home with a modulating furnace offers some appreciable benefits, including:

  • Lower operating costs. Modulating furnaces offer annual fuel utilization efficiencies (AFUE) as high as 98 percent, putting them among the most energy efficient units on the market. This gives you the benefit of lower operating costs and the opportunity to recoup your investment fairly quickly.
  • Less noise. Because they stay on low a lot of the time and run for longer cycles, variable-speed fans operate quietly, and without the frequent “bang” of the blower cycling on.
  • Enhanced air filtration. Your indoor air gets pulled through the HVAC filter more often during these prolonged cycles, so it contains fewer allergens, irritants and pollutants.
  • Greater comfort. Because of the way it operates, a modulating furnace provides steady, even heat, which means you’ll enjoy fewer comfort issues like hot and cold spots or inconsistent temperatures.
  • Long-term reliability. The low-speed operation of a modulating furnace puts less wear and tear on key heating system components, so they tend to last longer and have fewer breakdowns.

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