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An Easy Solution to Fixing Loose Pipes Under Bathroom Sinks

An Easy Solution to Fixing Loose Pipes Under Bathroom SinksLoose pipes are a frustrating problem. They may leak into cabinets or onto the floor beneath your sink. If you’re discovering soggy spaces and little puddles in these areas, loose pipes are probably to blame. Loose pipes may also bang around a lot, making a lot of troublesome noise. 

Fixing loose pipes is a relatively quick and simple process, but turning to a professional is the best way to make sure it’s done right.

Identifying the Problem

There are a few different things that can come loose beneath your sink. If you can identify the problem, you’ll be better equipped to let your plumber know what to expect on arrival. If your pipes are leaking, you probably have a loose nut on one of them. If you hear a rattling sound when you run water, but there’s no leak, you probably have some loose pipes that need to be secured.

Preparing For Your Plumber

In order to fix loose pipes, your plumber will need easy access to them. Empty any cabinets beneath your sink so pipes are easily accessible. If the pipes beneath your sink are exposed, clear away shelves, baskets, or other items around the bottom of the sink. If you’re dealing with a leak, but need to continue using your sink while you wait for the repair, place a bucket beneath the leak so you can keep the area dry.

What to Expect

If your loose pipes are leaking, your plumber will replace or tighten the nut that’s causing the problem. Securing pipes that are rattling is a bit more involved. The layout of your pipes will determine how your plumber chooses to secure them. He may use a bracket to secure the pipe to the wall or solder two pipes together. Make sure you choose a qualified plumber for the job.

Fixing loose pipes is typically a fast job for an experienced plumber. Contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing in Traverse City to schedule an appointment to fix your loose pipes soon.

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