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Outside Help: Use Your Landscaping to Boost Your Home’s Efficiency

Outside Help: Use Your Landscaping to Boost Your Home's EfficiencyIt’s not uncommon to think that the inside of your home and the outside of your home are separate entities. You insulate your walls to keep them separate, and you run your HVAC unit to keep the temperatures distinct. However, with certain landscaping, the inside and outside can work together to make your home more efficient.


If you’ve ever been on a hot beach or taken a long hike through the desert, you know the value of shade in cooling down. The same shade trees that provide an oasis of relief when you’re out and about can protect your Michigan home from summer heat, too. The air temperature beneath a tree can be up to 25% cooler. In short, trees keep you cool while saving energy.

Native Plants

Using plants native to this area as part of your landscaping also helps your home run more efficiently. Simply put, native plants requires less watering because they are accustomed to the environment and the weather of this region.


If your home is drafty, consider sealing the air leaks first, but also consider the value of windbreaks like hedges out in the yard. Keeping the wind at bay keeps your home more comfortable.

For other energy saving ideas or for help sealing up a drafty home, contact the professionals at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing. We’ve been serving Traverse City for over 30 years.

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